– The Stadium

Sukru Saracoglu Stadium

General Information

– Official Capacity is 50.530 all covered with seats.
– The names of the four stands are Maraton, Fenerium, Turk Telekom and Migros.
– There is a 2500 capacity place reserved for the away supporters. It is located at the stands named “Migros Stand”. Supporters who are with disabilities have a special place reserved in Telsim stand with a capacity of 250.
– Lightnings which has a power of 1400 lux, are located at the two sides and at the roof of the Fenerium
and Maraton stands
– There are 68 entrance with automatic turnstiles located in the four stands of the stadium.
– Professional medical centers are located in all of the stands. The hospital which has a special agreement with the club for any requirement is located at 5 km far from the stadium.

Technical Information

– Pitch Dimensions: 105 to 68 m.

Improvement History

September, 1982 – Coverage to the Maraton Stand
March, 2006 – All of the stands renewed with coverage plus major changes in the dressing rooms, press and VIP parts. Capacity increased to 50.530 from 22.400.

UEFA CUP 2008-2009 Additional Information about Stand Names

Current stands and lounges will be renamed for the UEFA Cup FINAL day. It is declared that the new stand names for that paricular date will be;

Fenerium Stand will be named: West Stand
Maraton Stand will be named: East Stand
Migros Stand will be named: North Stand
Turk Telekom Stand will be named: South Stand

The special lounges which are located in Maraton and Fenerum stands will be named as follows:

UEFA Honorary Lounge
Bosphorus Lounge (For the finalist team A)
Istanbul Lounge (For the finalist team B)
Topkapi Lounge

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3 Responses to “– The Stadium”

  1. John Crocett Says:


    This is John Crocett. I am writing an article about UEFA 5 and 4 star stadiums in McLean Public Post. I really need a proof that Sukru Saracoglu Stadium is one of the UEFA stadiums that is 5 or 4 stared.

    Please provide me this information by sending it to my email.

  2. yiğit tuğrul Says:

    Hi John,
    I can give you an advice, just search this web sıte and see our Stadıum:

  3. Anonymous Says:

    hello this is Joe
    i am asking if its available to visit the stadium during the day and how much it costs .

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