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You can find some answers in this section to your possible frequent questions about Fenerbahce football team.

* How many championships do Fenerbahce have ?

Fenerbahce have 25 championships in Turkish Football since 1924 when the national leagues were started to be played. As an additional information, arch rivals Galatasaray have 18 and Besiktas have 16 championships.

For more information check these links below:

League Championships in Turkish Football History (1924 – 2009)
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* Is there a political or religious rivalry in the derbies of Istanbul ?

Unlikely in the Glasgow derby or in the El Classico for example, in the derby of the Istanbul there is no political or religious manners. Fenerbahce and Galatasaray (or Besiktas) are mostly competing for football. The rivalry between these clubs is football based at all.

But there are some facts that we can not discard. Like Galatasaray’s being the team of aristocrats and Fenerbahce’s being named as the “team of people” and proudly have always been the voice of the mid and lower class people in the history. (it would be unrealistic to make a comment like these for any single team in the modern day as all teams have supporters from every part).

You can also reach this fact by looking at the names;

The “Saray” word in the Galatasaray name means; Palace. The “Bahce” word in the Fenerbahce name means; Garden. It may give a clue about the roots.

* What is the statistics of wins/losses in the derby matches ?

In Fenerbahce-Galatasaray derby; Fenerbahce had 130 wins scored 486 goals while Galatasaray had 110 wins scored 444 goals ( 109 draws )

In Fenerbahce-Besiktas derby; Fenerbahce had 114 wins scored 410 goals while Besiktas had 114 wins scored 387 goals ( 81 draws )

As seen Fenerbahce have a superiority in the biggest derby of Turkey.

* Any nickname for Fenerbahce ?

Fenerbahce is known as “Yellow Canaries”.

* What is the stadium capacity of Fenerbahce ?

Fenerbahce stadium (Sukru Saracoglu Stadium) has an all-seater capacity of 50.500.

* Which team have the most avarage attandence in Turkey ?

Fenerbahce have the most avarage attandence in the Turkish league. Here some more details; Fenerbahce have a stadium of 50.500 capacity while the archrivals Galatasaray have 23.000 and Besiktas have 31.000. Fenerbahce sold 34.500 season tickets this year (2008-2009) and have an avarage attandence of +40.000.

* Which team have the most fan base in Turkey ?

Fenerbahce by far. You can support this saying with the avarage attandences above or the merchandising incomes etc.

Which famous players played for Fenerbahce ?

As this is a relative question, these names might be an answer;

Tony Schumacher (Germany) 1988

Dalian Atkinson (England) 1995

Rustu Recber (Turkey) 1995

Emile Kostadinov (Bulgaria) 1996

“Jay Jay” Okocha (Nigeria) 1995

Ariel Ortega (Argentine) 2002

Tuncay Sanli (Turkey) 2002

Sergei Rebrov (Ukraine) 2002

van Hooijdonk (Holland) 2003

Alex (Brasil) 2004

Nicolas Anelka (France) 2005

Stephen Appiah (Ghana) 2005

Mateja Kezman (Serbia) 2006

Roberto Carlos (Brazil) 2007

…of course there are more players played for Fenerbahce who can be named famous, these are the ones who might a little have more interest from the fans. You can also check the full list of foreign players who played for Fenerbahce and the trainers that worked for up to now.

‘ years are the times that the player signed

* Why is the stadium named ” Sukru Saracoglu Stadium ” ?

Sukru Saracoglu is a chairman / president who had served to this club for 16 years between the years 1934-1950.

* Any Traditional Jersey type for the club ?

Yellow and Navy stripes style is the traditional and special jersey type of Fenerbahce football team.

* more to come, check back frequently. If you have questions to be asked you can leave it as a comment.

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