– Championship Counts in Turkish Football History

Championship Counts* in Turkish Football History

Fenerbahce 25 Championships
Galatasaray 18 Championships
Besiktas 14 (+2) Championships
Trabzonspor 6 Championships
Istanbulspor 1 Championship
Ankara Muhafizgucu 1 Championship
Istanbul Gunesspor 1 Championship
Harbiye 1 Championship

* In records the champonships counting started from the year 1959 when the Turkish Professional Football League started but the Turkish FA founded in 1923 and there had been national competitions in the country till that day to 1959. These countings listed includes the whole history of Turkish Football. If to list only the professional league championship which started in 1959, counts are;

Fenerbahce 17 Championships
Galatasaray 17 Championships
Besiktas 9 (+2) championships
Trabzonspor 6 Championships

About (+2) : Turkish FA accepted the application of Besiktas and counted their Turkish Federation Cup winnings in 1956-1957 and 1957-1958 seasons as regular league championship winnings.There were no national league competitions made in those seasons (check the league championships link at the end of the page for more details) and Turkish FA accepted this application by declaring that those years’ Turkish Federation Cup winners were given the chance to represent Turkey in European Champions Cups therefore the winners should be named as league champions. This official decision was made by Turkish FA in 2002.

For a detailed Championships list including the years and the competitions in Turkish football history, click here

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