Fenerbahce Stadium to Host UEFA Cup Final in 2008-2009 ?


UEFA authorities have been collecting some information about Fenerbahce Sukru Saracoglu Stadium, recently. Last year, after ground improvements, Fenerbahce board made an offer to UEFA for hosting the a UEFA Cup Final in Sukru Saracoglu Stadium in the following years. The offer has been decided and a special UEFA committee has arrived to Istanbul for couple of meetings arranged with Fenerbahce Sport Club, The Istanbul Municipality, City transportation authorities and related officials. More meetings and some technical research about the stadium will continue tomorrow. This research at all is a routine of UEFA which is applied to every candidate stadium to gain introductory information. According to the spokesman’s opinion, UEFA have been praising the Fenerbahce Stadium in every check-up made for Champions League and UEFA Cup matches played before and regarding to these good experiences plus the successful organization made in Liverpool – Ac Milan 2005 Champions League Final in Istanbul Olympic Stadium, a hosting of UEFA Cup Final in 2008-2009 season at Sukru Saracoglu seems a reasonable wish.

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Sukru Saracoglu Stadium


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