– Legend Players

Zeki Riza Sporel (1915-1935)
He was the legend player of his times. Scored many important goals in his career with Fenerbahce.

Cihat Arman (1938-1953)
One of the most important players of Fenerbahce history. He was named “flying goalkeeper” because of his amazing keeping skills.

Basri Dirimlili (1952-1964)
He was named “Mehmetcik” which is used for Turkish soldiers. He was playing with his soul and had a special place in supporters heart.

Lefter Kucukandonyadis (1947-1952, 1953-1965)
The exact matching of the word “Legend”. He had a record statistic like; 423 goals in 615 matches.

Of course the list would be quite long. Check back frequently for the updates in this list.


6 Responses to “– Legend Players”

  1. Endymion Says:

    I would like to add Tuncay Şanlı here. He was the only guy i saw in Fenerbahce recent years who used to play with his heart.
    He was our “Braveheart”.

  2. Shaun Ersoy Says:

    What the hell is this guy talking about? Tuncay does play with his heart, but unfortunately his heart and his feet were not in sync, therefore he scored a lot of garbage goals. Nothing fantastic from this player, although he did score some important goals, none were of super quality. But I still got a little love for him.

  3. Shaun Ersoy Says:

    As for being a Legend Player….NEVER!

  4. perlomental Says:

    what about Rustu???? he is a legend

  5. taskin Says:


    SEMIH SENTURK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. stalin Says:

    Alex de Souza and I don’t want coments

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