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19 Responses to “– Your Comments”

  1. solomon Says:

    good and reliable source, nice job. looking forward to follow euroleague news and statistics

  2. slim shady Says:

    appreciate the work. congrats

  3. onder fb Says:

    fenerbçe isnt good now i think:(

  4. FBB Says:

    Useful source

  5. nazim cihan Says:

    really nice job. congratulations

  6. Fener AL Says:

    Nice site , keep it up for us Fenerbahce fans who can’t speak Turkish.
    Thank you very much for your efforts, it’s gratefully received.
    Champion Super Fener 2007 :)

  7. devo Says:

    A very comprehensive site. Well done.

  8. mark o haroldsen Says:

    could you please send me your 2007-2008 mens basketball schedule ……thanks mark o haroldsen Kauai Hawaii USA

  9. Yusuf Ozan Says:

    Nice site Fenerbahche.wordpress.com. My weblog http://www.yozant.com

  10. Jasper Carrott Says:

    Does Tuncay realise what sort of club he has signed for. I pity the bloke, I really do.
    He is making a shocking mistake joining this nonentity of a club as he will realise when he sees the 10,000+ empty seats at every home game.

    Not forgetting the fact that Teesside is the biggest shithole in England. :)

  11. Abaci Says:

    I didn’t know our Fenerbahce has foreign fans. That shows we are keeping up good work for being a worldwide club.
    Forever Fenerbahce…

  12. Endymion Says:

    yeah, dude i wouldnt have believed too if i hadnt met with a Singapourian guy who asked me Fenerbahce wallpapers while chatting. interesting isn’t it, lol?
    Fenerbahçe is the showcase of Turkis football at the moment.

    Viva la Fenerbahçe

  13. Bigjim Says:

    Good website, keep up the good work. I have a lot of holidays in Kusadasi with a Turkish family and support Fenebache. Good luck this season.

  14. Jim H Says:

    Great Site,

    Though from the UK, I had a Fenerbace season ticket for 2 years, and really miss going to the games,the atmosphere and my Turkish friends.(even went to Izmir when Fenner were punished for the umbrella throwing incident!)

    Keep up the good work, and hopefully I will be able to get to one of your games this year.


  15. Peter Says:

    Very good website. My wife is Turkish, we spend some time in Istanbul and go to games when we can. Last season Champion league was great, to beat Chelsea was superb in Istanbul. Disappointing to lose Zico and Aurellio in the summer. After guiding Spain to Euro success, it was surprise Aragones and Guiza have struggled in Turkey, but of course it is difficult culture for both. I preferred the Brazilian ‘mafia’ element to the team instead of the ‘spanish siesta’ this season.

  16. Greenrypync Says:

    For a second everything went quiet in the cab, then the driver said, “Look mate, don’t ever do that again. You scared the daylights out of me!”

  17. Barbara34 Says:

    The question of the day is: How do we know if we are doing any good? ,

  18. Erhan Says:

    Hey bro. Nice job here! this is a good source for the fans abroad. Really congrats and appreciate.

    you are a real supporter!

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