Balkans Cup 1966-1967 – History


Here you can find a detailed information about the Balkans Cup that Fenerbahce won in 1966-1967 season.

Balkans Cup had a priority at 1960-1970’s when compared to the recent years it was organised (last one was in 1994).

1966-1967 Season – There were two groups and the leaders of this two groups was supposed to play the Cup Final at the end. In 1966-1967 season, Fenerbahce had a draw with Chernomore Varna, Partizani Tirana and UT Arad in the same group. Fenerbahce won 5 and lost 1 match in the group stage. Results were;

Chernomore : 0 Fenerbahce : 1
Fenerbahce : 3 UT Arad : 1
Fenerbahce : 3 Partizan Tirana : 2
Fenerbahce : 3 Chernomore : 0
UT Arad : 1 Fenerbahce : 0
Partizani Tiran : 0 Fenerbahce : 2
1- Fenerbahce 5 wins 1 loss 10 points
2- Chernomore Varna 3 wins 3 losses 6 points
3- Partizan Tiran 3 wins 3 losses 6 points
4- UT Arad 1 win 5 losses 2 points

At the other group, AEK Athens finished at the top with 3 wins and 3 draws, 9 points. So the Cup Final was scheduled between Fenerbahce and AEK Athens in October 1967.

Fenerbahce lost the first leg 2-1 to AEK Athens, in Greece. At the second leg Fenerbahce won the match 1-0. According to the competition policy, there had to be a third match if there was an equality after second matches (there was no away goal rule in Balkans Cup). So after a decision taken in cooperation with the club AEK Athens, the play-off of the final took place in Istanbul. Fenerbahce won the play-off of the final 3-1 and won the first international cup of Turkish football history.


2 Responses to “Balkans Cup 1966-1967 – History

  1. Bigjim Says:

    Can you tell me who scored the winning goals in the final of the 66/67 Balkans cup.

    • sargasso Says:

      30-5-1968, Mithat Paşa Stadium, Istanbul:
      Fenerbahçe – AEK 3-1 (HT:2-1)

      Fenerbahçe: Yavuz Şimşek, Şükrü Birant, Levent Engineri, Selim Soydan, Ercan Aktuna, Yılmaz Şen, Ogün Altıparmak, Nedim Doğan, Abdullah Çevrim, Ziya Şengül, Yaşar Mumcuoğlu.

      AEK Athens: Serafidis (Maniateas 46), Kefalidis, Balopoulos, T.Vassileiou, Karafeskos, Stathopoulos, Fragoudakis, Stamatiadis, K. Nikolaidis, M. Papaioannou, Pomonis.

      Goals: Ogün Altıparmak 2′, 70′; Yılmaz Şen 33′ – M. Papaioannou 71′.

      Ref: Teodor Becirov, Mitko Cukov, Goce Rusev (Bulgaria).

      Attendance: 24.817

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