– Squad (Men)

Ibrahim Kutluay (SG) TUR 198 cm 32 years old
Pure shooter, absolute leader
Kaspars Kambala (PF-C) LAT 205 cm 28 years old
Strong in the paint, very effective in one on ones
Rasim Basak (SF-PF) TUR 202 cm 26 years old
Quick in the paint, has a three point threat
Ira Clark (SF-PF) USA 203 cm 31 years old
Athletic, can be dominant in the rebounds
Damir Mrsic (PG-SG) BOS 191 cm 36 years old
Three point master
Omer Onan (SG) TUR 194 cm 28 years old
Very effective on fast-breaks, a true warrior
Willie Solomon (PG-SG) USA 187 cm 28 years old
Has a great vision, good shooter, remarkable assist ability
Mirsad Turkcan (PF) TUR 206 cm 30 years old
Very strong in the paint, has a three point threat, rebound master
Oguz Savas (C) 213 cm TUR 19 years old
Promising talent, Strong in the paint with a great technique
Zeki Gulay (PF-C) TUR 205 cm 34 years old
Has a good defensive awareness
Hakan Demirel (PG) TUR 192 cm 21 years old
Very quick with ball, energetic
Semih Erden (C) TUR 210 cm 20 years old
Block and Dunk threat with an athletic body for a center
Serkan Inan (SF-SG) SWE-TUR 200 cm 19 years old
Quick with ball, Good shooter, has a remarkable defensive awareness


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