+ Season 06/07 Archieve – Football

Anything Related about Fenerbahce 2006-2007 Season.


4 Responses to “+ Season 06/07 Archieve – Football

  1. Alex Di Clemente Says:

    I’m a supporter of Mateja Kezman and was just wondering how he has gone this year. I can’t find any statistics on the team from this year. How many goals has he scored in the Turkish league?

  2. x1907x Says:

    Hi Alex,
    He scored 3 goals in the league and 2 goals in the Uefa Cup up to now, and he has been performing very well recently but he had a muscle injury at the last week’s match and expected to be back in a week or two.

  3. x1907x Says:

    you can also check the weekly updated statistics of the players here

  4. yiğit tuğrul Says:

    hi I’m yigit,
    and I am a big fan of fenerbahce and kezman. Kezman did a good choice to come Fenerbahce. Because Fenerbahce is one of the strongest team in europe and Fenerbahce is also better than athletico madrid

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