Galatasaray – Fenerbahce Match Preview


One of the important derbies in the world and the most important one in Turkey approaches and life will once again stop in the country on Sunday 19:00 (local time, -1 for CET). Game will take place in Galatasaray’s venue. Fenerbahce recorded a comfortable 4-1 win in the first league game.

Up to day, Fenerbahce and Galatasaray faced 359 times in Turkish football history. Fenerbahce won 136 times in these encounters while Galatasaray won 110 times. 113 games were ended in a draw. Fenerbahce scored 505 goals in these encounters while Galatasaray scored 454 goals.

Even the title race have more than 5 contenders, Sunday’s match will be quite decisive in the title race as the loser of this encounter will probably be out of it. Both teams are not having their best seasons so far while Fenerbahce remain 3rd and Galatasaray remain 4th on the standings with same points before the game.

Alex de Souza is Doubtful

The talented attacking midfielder and captain of Fenerbahce missed last week’s game due to his injury and highly doubtful for the derby. Club physios are doing their best to make him ready enough to be on the pitch but the latest news are not that bright. His situation will be clear on the match day and even not on the starting line-up, Luis Aragones would be glad at least to have him on the bench. Alex up to now had 29 appearances with an impressive 15 goals and 12 assists. His presence will surely be missed if he is going to miss the game.

Morale Factor

Team’s morale is quite high and considering the good mood in the mid-week trainings it is clear that players are well prepared to the derby both physically and mentally. In this kind of crucial games sometimes mental factors decide the result and even the game is an away game Fenerbahce have enough experience to overcome any negative factors from this point of view.

Daniel Guiza’s Good Form

The Spaniard has been on a good form recently, especially starting from the Turkey vs Spain World Cup Qualifier game where he assisted his national teams winning goal at the last minutes. After that game he scored in the 2-1 Fenerbahce win in the last league game.

Opponent’s Side

Galatasaray on the other hand had an inconsistant season, too. They got elminated from Champions League qualifications at the start of season and then eliminated from UEFA Cup too against Hamburg (GER). They also eliminated from Turkish Cup on the quarter finals so the only competition they have in their hands is Turkish League. They changed a coach few weeks ago and it seems that change didnt make any proper changes on the team, yet.

There is no doubt it will be quite hot on the pitch while there is too much in the stake. The loser of this game will probably left outside the title race and in these kind of decisive games a draw is the first thing comes to minds but the thing is; a draw will also put both teams out of the race. These facts lead to an unpredictable and entertaining encounter. If we add the general physicological advantage Fenerbahce have over Galatasaray and the higher number of experienced players in these derbies Fenerbahce have, the win seems closer to Fenerbahce.

Probable Fenerbahce Starting line-up:
Volkan Demirel, Roberto Carlos, Onder Turaci, Diego Lugao, Gokhan Gonul, Deniz Baris, Emre Belozoglu, Ugur Boral, Deivid de Souza, Semih Senturk, Daniel Guiza

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