Fenerbahce – Kocaelispor Match Preview


Fenerbahce football team face relegation battler Kocaelispor on the 24th matchday of the Turkish Super League, today, in Fenerbahce Sukru Saracoglu Stadium at 20:00 local time (-1 for CET).

Suspension Shock

Fenerbahce had a bit of a shock after getting a one-game suspension news of Emre Belezoglu due to unprofessional behaviour in the last league game. Fenerbahce board appealed to the ban decision yesterday and the committee will re-consider the decision but it seems Fenerbahce will be without Emre Belezoglu in today’s game. Volkan Demirel on the other hand suspended for two games after having a red card last week. It is expected that Selcuk Sahin will replace Emre, and Volkan Babacan will replace Volkan Demirel. Fenerbahce will also have to replace Deivid de Souza due to a slight injury, the number one candidate for Deivid’s place in the starting line-up is youngster Gokhan Emreciksin. The replacements for Deivid and Volkan Demirel would probably make no difference on the team game style while replacement for Emre might lower the creativity power in the midfield a bit.

Struggling Opponent

Opponents are a struggling team in the relagation zone. They gained some hope after having some positive results recently. The quality of the squad is below average and their main threat is on-form striker Taner Gulleri.

Even the game is on Friday which is not the best day for a football game, the attendance will be in high levels as usual. Fenerbahce have been showing great potential lately and remain on the 4th position and the difference with the league leaders is only three points so the motivation is high and team are well prepared. Kocaelispor on he other hand remain on the 17th place.

With the quality difference and the motivation level; Fenerbahce should have no problem passing Kocaelispor in the opening game of the week.

Edit : Game Result : Fenerbahce : 1 Kocaelispor : 1, Turkish Super League


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