Fenerbahce U.: 84 Efes Pilsen : 80, Turkish Basketball League


Fenerbahce men’s basketball team recorded a valuable 84-80 (after OT) victory over Efes Pilsen after a great team effort and performance. Passionate team and fans created a good atmosphere in Abdi Ipekci and gained an important win which will be vital for the play-offs as after this win in a possible draw against Efes Pilsen in play-offs, the serie will start 1-1.

Fenerbahce : Gordan Giricek 11 points 5 rebounds Rasim Basak 9 points (2/2 3p- 3/4 2p field goal) Marques Green 12 points 4 assists 2 steals (7/8 FT) Mirsad Turkcan 4 points Omer Onan 14 points Semih Erden 14 points Gasper Vidmar 4 points 5 rebounds Oguz Savas 2 points Devin Smith 12 points 6 rebounds Emir Preldzic 2 points Damir Mrsic


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