Kayserispor – Fenerbahce Preview


Fenerbahce football team will face Kayserispor on the 23th matchday of Turkish Super League. The game is on 8 March, Sunday, at 19:00 local time (-1 for CET)

After having two wins in a row against the league leaders Sivasspor in league and cup, morales are high and confidence seems settled in Fenerbahce after recording 4-2 and 3-1 wins in those games respectively.

In midweek press conferences players and Luis Aragones had, they all seemed focused on winning the league title and the league cup. They re-gained the missing confidence in the last two games by out playing one of the good opponents – the league leaders – not only on the scoreboard but also on every inch of the pitch.

The only concern remains before this game is the awful away overall performance the team having this year; 3 wins 2 draws 5 losses in 10 last away games in the league. Staff and the board are doing their best to keep players away from this statistical pressure and trying to concentrate them on the game.

Opponent’s Defensive Mentality

Opponents Kayserispor on the other hand is well known with their defensive mentality. They only conceded 13 goals this year in 22 matches and at their home venue they only conceded 6 goals in 11 matches. They are one of the two teams which has the most draws in total with 9 draws.

New Stadium

Another interesting news is this game will be the opening game of Kayserispor’s new venue ; Kadir Has Stadium. All tickets for this game are sold for the 32.000 all-seating capacity stadium. Kayserispor have been aiming to have the stadium ready for this game for months and this game suddenly became a historic game for Kayserispor as it is going be the first game they have in their new stadium. This will probably add some extra motivation to the opponents.

Possibility of a Postpone ?

On the other hand, there was a declaration made by Fenerbahce board today about the stadium pitch conditions stating that the pitch is not well enough yet and it might cause injuries as it was installed few days ago and in this circumstance it requires time to settle. Before the game the referees and the Turkish federation authorities will make the final checking. This sounds like a detail at the moment but Fenerbahce officially contacted the Turkish FA and on the matchday if it is decided that the current pitch risks players physical health the game might be postponed.

Suspensions and Injury Problems

There are no suspended players for Fenerbahce while the long term injured players Josico Verdu and Selcuk Sahin will be out of the squad. Opponents Kayserispor are without suspended attacker Turgay Bahadir and defender Koray Colgecen is doubtful. Both are regular players for Kayserispor.

Before this game, Fenerbahce remain 4th in the league with 40 points while Kayserispor remain 7th with 33 points.

Opponents have some talented and experienced players like Toledo, Mehmet Topuz, Cangele and Milan Purovic but Fenerbahce have the better and talented squad without a doubt, after taking all the facts into consideration especially the morale boost-up Fenerbahce have in hand and Kayserispor’s defensive game mentality in general and the motivation they have by playing the first game in their new stadium, a close game more likely with a narrow Fenerbahce win is possible if the players show the team spirit and determination they have been showing in the recent two games.

Possible starting line-ups:

Fenerbahce : Volkan Demirel, Roberto Carlos, Diego Lugano, Edu Dracena, Gokhan Gonul, Deniz Baris, Emre Belezoglu, Ugur Boral, Deivid de Souza, Alex, Daniel Guiza

Kayserispor : Souleymanou Hamidou, Delio Cesar Toledo, Ali Turan, Alioum Saidou, Ragip Basdag, Rodas, Eren Gungor, Mehmet Topuz, Mehmet Eren, Milan Purovic, Franco Dario Cangele

Edit: Game Result : Kayserispor : 0 Fenerbahce : 2, Turkish Super League

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