Genclerbirligi : 1 Fenerbahce : 0, Turkish Super League


Fenerbahce football team unexpectedly lost 1-0 to Genclerbirligi in Ankara after a disappointing performance. The inconsistency team having this year in away games seems to be the main issue and it is obviously something needs to be sorted out to stay in the title race.

Opponents goal was scored on 14th min. Roberto Carlos and Colin Kazim-Richards will miss the next game which is against Sivasspor due to the 4 yellow card in total ban after getting booked in this game.

Fenerbahce : Volkan Demirel, Roberto Carlos, Onder Turaci, Diego Lugano, Gokhan Gonul, Deniz Baris (‘ 58 Colin Kazim-Richards), Emre Belezoglu, Ugur Boral (’53 Wederson), Deivid (’53 Gokhan Emreciksin), Alex, Semih Senturk

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5 Responses to “Genclerbirligi : 1 Fenerbahce : 0, Turkish Super League”

  1. galatasarayli Says:

    Fenerbahce is one of the easist futbol-club in turkish super league in this seasan. though I am a fan of Galatasaray, i think that Trabzonspor or Sivasspor will be champion… because other good club of Turkey are showed very easy permormance.

  2. Fb Says:

    for sure a disappointing result

    but this Genclerbirligi is cruising! They have a good squad and I am not sure but they are probably the best performing team of the second half of the season

    anyway, Fener should have won this no matter what and i dont think the problem is Aragones. what can he do when the players perform under their potential ? ok the coach have to make them show their potentials but come on these are not youth players, they are experienced and they have to perform at least equal to their average potential no matter who is the coach. this team needs some players who will put theirs heart out on the pitch no matter the result. i am not saying change the whole squad, a couple of fighting spirited players can make a big difference to a whole team. and please do not rely on Brazilians this much. ok they have great technique, skill ect. but they lack the needed spirit when things go bad and this is what Fener is suffering.

    anyway, Turkish Cup and securing a Champions League spot if possible should be the goals for this season. Sivasspor looks like they are the main contenders for the title.

  3. alex Says:

    NO EXCUSE in the defeat but this stadium Genclerbirligi playing has an artificial pitch and it is effecting teams that are not used to it, whatever, congrats to them, they deserved to win.

    WE NEED A CHANGE. Let youngsters Gokhan Emreciksin and Abdulkadir Kayali play from now on, if we lose i prefer loosing with young players. At least they start to gain first team experience and we will have something useful in our hands

  4. DINGDONG Says:

    we blew it once again at a week that two of the title challenders lost! darn
    and Galatasaray lost 5-2 to the last placed Kocaelispor. :) They had an humiliation!

    we still have chance, by beating Sivasspor next week, we will be in a good position i believe

  5. Peter Says:

    The Istanbul teams seem to be doing their best to giving Sivas the title.
    Or maybe Trabzon..

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