UMMC Ekaterinburg : 94 Fenerbahce : 62 , FIBA Euroleague 1/8 Finals


Fenerbahce women’s team suffered a 94-62 heavy loss against UMMC Ekaterinburg on the first game in 1/8 finals of FIBA Euroleague.

Opponent averaged a high percentage shooting both in and outside while Fenerbahce seemed powerless to resist in defence. Nevin Nevlin looked lively and this is probably one of the few positive things to be pointed out from this game for Fenerbahce.

Fenerbahce’s WNBA All-Star player Katie Smith missed this game due to her presence in the NBA All-Star Saturday Night Events.

Second game of the serie will be played in Istanbul on 20th February and if the serie ties after a Fenerbahce win in Istanbul, the third and the decisive game will be played in UMMC Ekaterinburg’s venue on 25th February.

Fenerbahce : Birsel Vardarli 2 points 3 assists Nicole Powell 9 points 5 rebounds Nevriye Yilmaz 11 points 5 rebounds 7 turnovers Esmeral Tuncluer 2 points Tammy Sutton-Brown 10 points 3 rebounds Nevin Nevlin 23 points 7 rebounds 1 assist Melike Bakircioglu 4 points Nalan Ramazanoglu 1 point

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One Response to “UMMC Ekaterinburg : 94 Fenerbahce : 62 , FIBA Euroleague 1/8 Finals”

  1. Fb Says:

    Ekaterinburg spent nearly 10 times more than Fenerbahce in budget wise. They have star players in every position. For example Cappy Pondexter. We couldnt keep her because of the wages but they easily signed her and she even isnt the leading star in there. This by itself shows the squad quality difference. I say this was a bad draw for us but sooner or later we would face them. Still, it isnt finished yet,beating them in Istanbul might cause them stress in the third game. But the truth is this is a big mountain to climb.

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