Fenerbahce : 7 Hacettepe : 0 , Turkish Super League


Fenerbahce beat Hacettepe 7-0 on the 20th matchday of the Turkish Super League after a brilliant performance. Goals by: ’10 ’14 ‘ 59 Alex, ’35 Diego Lugano, ’41 ’49 Semih Senturk, ’45 Deivid

Fenerbahce: Volkan Demirel 7 Roberto Carlos 7,5 Diego Lugano 7 Onder Turaci 7 Ali Bilgin 7 Deniz Baris 7,5 Emre Belezoglu 7,5 Ugur Boral 6 (’52 Gokhan Emreciksin 7) Deivid 7 (’46 Colin Kazim-Richards 7) Alex 8,5 Semih Senturk 7,5 (’76 Ilhan Parlak)

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10 Responses to “Fenerbahce : 7 Hacettepe : 0 , Turkish Super League”

  1. Peter Says:

    Much better result tonight, to be expected against the bottom team. When Alex plays well Fener do well. Semih should be main striker instead of Guiza but Aragones should play two main strikers with Alex behind them.

  2. alex Says:

    It is obvious that Alex’ performance rise with Semih Senturk. This is itself a fact that Semih should play. Aragones looks stubborn with his lone striker tactic so I will be satisfied if we play two strikers at home games only.

  3. alex Says:

    Oh and well done to 7-0! This opponent Hacettepe made life hard for other title racers in the previous games.

  4. Peter Says:

    And of course, they beat Fener in the first game on matchday three.

  5. siempre Says:

    looks like a good training for fener :)

    hola from spain

  6. Fb Says:

    These kind of results are good for morale and morale is something very important for Fenerbahce at the moment. Some tough games are upcoming.

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