Fenerbahce 2009 Winter Transfer Season and an Impressive Strategy


Fenerbahce opened the transfer window pretty fast and effective. As the first step club completed the signings of promising youngsters Gokhan Emreciksin and Abdulkadir Kayali from Ankaragucu. Gokhan Emreciksin, 21 years old, pointed out one of the talented young players in the new generation of Turkish players. He can play as a right midfielder and winger also capable of playing as an attacking midfielder. On the other hand the second signing from Ankaragucu, Abdulkadir Kayali, 18 years old, was selected to the “10 Most Promising U-18 Players” by FIFA last year. There is no doubt he will be a great prospect for the club. Kayali played in every Under-Age national teams and appointed team captain for his team in every level. He has a good influence on the teams he played for and labeled as a mature and a leader player comparing to his age level.

Fenerbahce continued its strategy with signings of two more young players from Sakaryaspor; 17 years old Furkan Aydin (Striker) and 16 years old Onur Karakabak (Midfielder). Both of them are national team players at their age levels and labeled upcoming stars of the Turkish football. Furkan Aydin is showing signs of becoming a towering striker with his physical appearance while Onur Karakabak has a strong left-foot and quite impressive midfield skills.

More and detailed techical attributes can be listed about them but they would just be details in the big picture at this very moment, the main point here is the wise strategy Fenerbahce have been running in this winter transfer season.

It is believed that there could be more additions to the squad at this transfer window. Thanks to the guidance of manager Luis Aragones and his scouting connections, it is nearly certain that the club will be keeping an eye on young and talented players in and outside of the country and complete their signings when the terms are reasonable.


13 Responses to “Fenerbahce 2009 Winter Transfer Season and an Impressive Strategy”

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  4. express Says:

    ronaldinyoo alın vede brezilyalı ikinci lig gol kralını alın

  5. Anonymous Says:


  6. Anonymous Says:

    Lutfen Eto’o Fenerbahceye gelsinnn ne oluuurrrr.Sonra kupalar bizim olurrrrrrr ……… :D

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Fenerbahceden Volkan gitmesin ne olur cok guzel bir kaleci Volkkaaaannnnnnn Gitmmeeeeeeeeee ………

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  9. stalin Says:

    take ronaldo from corinthians

  10. omercanfb Says:

    ronaldinho fenere gelsin nutfen ve volkan demirel gitmesin nutfen seviyorum onu

  11. ramadan i berhan Says:

    alin pandev laciodan ve deeyvid bekam volkan gitmesin alin mesii alin gerard ve lampard ve stevcoi ve stojancei tesukur ederim volkan gitmesin lutven em alin fatih terimi.

  12. ramadan i berhan Says:

    alin almiri cengizi bakii kaleci seven em volkan makedonijann klubundan kardaslk istipten tesukur ederim odite u picku materinu.

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