Fenerbahce – Anderlecht , Champions League 3rd Qualifying Round


Fenerbahce football team will face Anderlecht (BEL) in the third qualifying round of the Champions League. First leg will be in Istanbul Sukru Saracoglu Stadium at 21:00 (Local time, -1 for ECT) on 15 August, Wednesday. The second leg will be played in 29 August, in Belgium.

In the first leg, Alex de Souza of Fenerbahce is doubtful due to a slight injury but he is expected to be fit, at least available, on the match day.


12 Responses to “Fenerbahce – Anderlecht , Champions League 3rd Qualifying Round”

  1. Turk1207 Says:

    Will not be easy for Fenerbahce.

  2. Fenerix Says:

    It wil be easy for FENERBAHCE !

  3. insearchoffootball Says:

    they should win, they do have the better team

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  4. madrids Says:

    Not easy for both sides lets say. But Fenerbahce are the stronger side

  5. Yavuz Says:

    Fenerbahce will win easily ow that they’ve got roberto carlos……

  6. madrids Says:

    second that.
    Matches won with a whole team but Roberto Carlos must bring great experience to Fenerbahce. Even his presence is a great addition. So he will make a big difference in these series.

  7. YellowCanaries Says:

    it may be difficult for both sides to win but fenerbahce must not repeat its fatal mistakes of the past

  8. CARLOSFAN Says:

    no chance to Anderlecht.

  9. Fenerli Says:

    Fenerbahce has to win cos there is no other option for it.All the supporter expecting success in europe. It will be a hard game but we r gonna win.
    I believe that

  10. romeo Says:

    does anyone have an idea, if it will be televised in new york?

  11. zeveren Says:

    no chance to Fenerbahce.

  12. mustafa Says:

    alex is on the field.. :-))

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