New Foreign Player Limit is 6+1


Turkish Football Federation declared that the new foreign player limit in Turkish Super League will be 6+1. The additional (+1) amount means, you can have 7 foreign players signed to your club while you can have 6 of them playing on the field and 1 in the bench.


One Response to “New Foreign Player Limit is 6+1”

  1. Mike Says:

    There should be a limit of foreign players in England and of cousre the whole Europe. Mr Blatter is right about his suggestion to cut down on foreign Players even though they belong to the European Union.
    Foofball Players are not ordinary workers, they are bought and sold like any other market objects. There’s a restriction of how many bottles of Whisky , wine or beers you can bring from one country to an other so the principle is the same for Football players.
    England belongs to the European Union but they have reserved themselves from using the Euro, they are still using their pounds, and they do not belong to the schengen either so i do believe that they can have a especial football law limiting foreign players.Fifa and Uefa should urged the fans to boycott all the clubs without homegrown players and reward the team with most local players like for example: a place in the champions league even the club is not in top position.

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