Colin Kazim Richards signed for Fenerbahce


Fenerbahce completed the move of Colin Kazim Richards from Sheffield United.


Fenerbahce Transfer Rumours


9 Responses to “Colin Kazim Richards signed for Fenerbahce”

  1. Brazs Says:

    this guy played for the Turkish national team. Interesting

  2. Paul Cowley Says:

    As A Sheff Utd fan I saw him play alot last season. 1 goal in 27 games says it all about this “attacking” player. Will not be Fenerbache’s most exciting player next season

  3. jay Says:

    Paul, heard hat he has a reputation of being a little bit lazy on the field, is that true ?

  4. perlomental Says:

    Watch him, nex sesason and uw ill know, he will score afasinst chelsesa, psv eindhoven and much more, trust me! i KNow it

  5. Merve Says:

    kazim iz da best ppl kazim i luv u so buff

  6. tvtrigger Says:

    The benefit of hindsight perlomental??
    You forgot to mention his semi-final performance against Germany…

  7. DINGDONG Says:

    What he deserves is England lower leagues. He hasnt got the enough professionalism if you ask me

  8. tvtrigger Says:

    perhaps his head drops because he is left out of the team by managers like Aragones despite contributing to the team regularly, for example Porto at home, 2-0 down at half-time, Kazim came on and scored.

    His best position seems to be right sided midfield and wing, and admittedly he is not first choice because of the excellent Deivid, but I have to disagree on the comment of his professionalism.

  9. DINGDONG Says:

    Well, you do have a point if you bring up his performances in Euro 2008 with Turkey. When he is motivated he shows his full potential, but, you cant (shouldn’t have to) motivate a player before everygame, if these players are professional, they have to “at least” be reliable and give something.I can understand he has his bad days and good days but when bad days outcome good days in total, thats a problem.

    He is playing infront of fifty thousands fans, he plays in champions league and he is playing for a club that plays for title every year, what a player can want more at his age? May be a thin line but his being so emotionless and his needs to be motivated to play in his full potential seems like an unprofessional behaviour to me.

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