Fenerbahce : 3 AZ Alkmaar : 3


Football team had a 3-3 draw with AZ Alkmaar in the first leg of the UEFA Cup round 32.
Fenerbahce : Volkan Demirel, Ugur Boral (Olcan Adin ’66 ), Deniz Baris, Edu Dracena, Umit Ozat, Stephen Appiah, Mehmet Yozgatli, Tumer Metin, Tuncay Sanli, Alex, Deivid de Souza
Goals by De Zeeuw (’15), Tumer Metin (’28 and ’75) Boukhari (’62), Jenner (’63), Tuncay Sanli (’68)


One Response to “Fenerbahce : 3 AZ Alkmaar : 3”

  1. sole Says:

    Congratulations for AZ for bringing the game to 1-3 in such a hard atmosphere and congratulations to Fenerbahce for making it to 3-3. Good game at all.
    I think It is still %50 – %50 for both sides as same kind of a display will be waiting us in the second match and it is really hard to predict the result.

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