Ziraat Bankasi : 0 Fenerbahce : 3


Men`s volleyball team beat Ziraat Bankasi 3-0 at away in the Turkish Volleyball League and continued the leadership.

Sets : 17-25, 13-25, 24-26


3 Responses to “Ziraat Bankasi : 0 Fenerbahce : 3”

  1. devo Says:

    Can you tell me anything about Brett Alderman’s game? An Australian playing for Ziraat Bank?

    Are their any local sites, blogs that report on Ziraatbank?

    Congratulations on such a comprehensive site.

    Devo (Australia)


  2. fenerbahce Says:

    Thanks for the kind words,

    First of all I have to underline that Ziraat Bank had a disappointing game at all, you might also realize it from the point differences especially at the first two sets. As for Brett, he played in this match, and he was quite effective comparing to his team mates.

    Don`t know a site really but I will try to find a source which you can follow his and his team`s performance, will make you know.

  3. devo Says:

    thanks, I appreciate your efforts

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