Denizlispor : 0 Fenerbahce : 0


Football team had a 0-0 draw against Denizlispor on the 13th matchday of the Turkish League.


3 Responses to “Denizlispor : 0 Fenerbahce : 0”

  1. NIKO Says:

    Sometimes Fenerbahce players forget what they are wearing. They forget that it is a privilidge to wear the Fenerbahce jersey! What a shame. It has nothing to do with the result, teams may lose teams may win but the performance last night was very disappointing. Hope they will show their apology in the upcoming Besiktas, Trabzonspor, Palermo and Galatasaray matches.

  2. x1907x Says:

    Disappointing result.

  3. as Says:

    boring match, and what were they thinking?? how can they forget this denizlispor is the team that cost us a championship at the last match last season? At least they could have played for this!
    Nevermind, some of the players do not deserve the shirt really, not all of them but some. We need to focus to the hard stage coming as a team (derby matches and uefa cup groups) but some of the players must understand that they are playing in Fenerbahce!

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