Aris TT Bank : 66 Fenerbahce U. : 58


Men’s basketball team lost to Aris 66-58 in Thessaloniki Sport Center.

Fenerbahce U. : Willie Solomon 7 Kaspars Kambala 12 Omer Onan 3 Ibrahim Kutluay 18 Damir Mrsic 3 Mirsad Turkcan 10 Ira Clark 5 Oguz Savas Rasim Basak


2 Responses to “Aris TT Bank : 66 Fenerbahce U. : 58”

  1. Animation Says:

    Hello mate I support ARIS!!! Solomon is one of my favorites players, I remeber him from his first season in Greece (ARIS) and in Europe. He is fantastic player….but sometimes reacts like child.
    Take care mate…see you in the second round of Euroleague in Turkey.

  2. x1907x Says:

    Solomon is a very important player for sure, and Aris should be the first European team that he played for ?
    Anyway, You deserved this game, good match and a good atmosphere. Congratulations.

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