Fenerbahce Players’ Performances in Moldova – Turkey


Turkey beat tough defensive side Moldova 5-0 (goals by Hakan Sukur 4, Tuncay Sanli). Tuncay Sanli scored the fourth goal of the Turkish national team assisted by Mehmet Aurelio. Aurelio also created the fifth goal of the team.

Rustu Recber : Confident at all.
Mehmet Aurelio : Again a hard-working day from the utility player. Orginized the midfield plus assisted the Tuncay Sanli’s goal and created the goal chance of the fifth goal of the team.
Tuncay Sanli : Used his pace and speed, was very useful at all. Scored a nice header.
Tumer Metin : Entered the pitch at the last thirty minutes. Joined the team play with his classic technique based style.


2 Responses to “Fenerbahce Players’ Performances in Moldova – Turkey”

  1. tuncays- Says:

    If Sukur wouldn’t have scored four goals I would say that Tuncay Sanli is the man of the match. But man four goals! no matter against an avarage team it is an European qualification game. I have to congratulate him but this doesn’t change my view that he has to quit and Halil Altintop should replace him in the new year.

    Congratulations Turkey, now there is two tough tests waiting. Greece and Norway.

  2. fen Says:

    so does that mean hakan gain credibility for national team with these goals score in one game? if so i wish the match was finished 1-0.

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