Fenerbahce U. : 90 Tofas : 92


Fenerbahce U. lost to Tofas 90-92 after an OT (75-75) , at the second match day of Turkish Cup. Basketball team have to beat Besiktas to advance from the group, tomorrow.

There was an interesting decision given by the referees.
Match was finished 76-75 in favor of Fenerbahce U. with a buzzer three points shot by Willie Solomon. Tofas officials made an objection to the referees according to the new rule that gives the chance to referees change their last second decision after checking it from the official TV broadcasting. Referees watched the last shot of Willie Solomon which they counted it as a three pointer, and realized that Solomon stepped on the three points line and so they changed their decision of three points play to a two points play. This decision changing put the game into the overtime period. Players who went to the dressing rooms, came out and played the overtime.

Fenerbahce U. : Ibrahim Kutluay 5 Oguz Savas 5 Willie Solomon 23 Mirsad Türkcan 14 Omer Onan 13 Damir Mrsic 3 Ira Clark 14 Kaspars Kambala 8 Hakan Demirel 2 Rasim Basak 3 Semih Erden –


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