Fenerbahce Players’ General Performance in FIBA World Championship


Turkey national men’s basketball team respectively ranked 6th in the FIBA World Championship 2006 which took place in Japan. This is the best ranking performance of the Turkish basketball history in World Championships. Turkey earlier had 9th place in World Championships as the best ranking performance.

Fenerbahce U. players Ibrahim Kutluay, Hakan Demirel and Semih Erden had the statistics below;

Ibrahim Kutluay
(6 Games 154 Minutes) 9.8 point 2.1 rebound 1.2 assist

Hakan Demirel
(9 Games 111 Minutes) 2.2 point 1.1 rebound 1.7 assist

Semih Erden
(6 Games 70 Minutes) 2.1 point 2.2 rebound


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