Interview with Zico


New Fenerbahce coach, Zico had an interview with the club’s official Tv channel. Here are some highlights from the interview;

It is my pleasure to be here and I feel very happy and honoured to be chosen by an important club like Fenerbahce. 

I am thinking of a 4-4-2 based, attacking tactical system.

I have the strength to resist the possible critics if things improve a bit late on the pitch but I trust myself and my technical staff that we as a team will be having a great season in everyway.

Right, my name is Arthur Antonios Coimbra Zico. In Italy they call me as Arthur because of the tradition they mostly call people by their first names but as the whole world know and call me, I would like to be called as only Zico by the fans.

I watched some of the Fenerbahce matches in the Champions League last year and after my signature I collect every tape of the games from last year and have some important impressions about the whole team up to now. And know I am with my team and the real work is starting today.


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